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Low cost CMOS-MEMS platforms for biosensing applications

Funded by MINECO TEC2017-88635-R

Exploitation and scaling of monolithic non-linear CMOS-M/NEMS device characteristics for specific "More Moore" and "More than Moore" applications

Funded by MINECO - TEC2014-52878-R

Technological proposal for massive and low cost production of non-invasive glucose monitors

Funded by MINECO TEC2014-61743-EXP

Soft Error Mitigation in Nanometer CMOS ICs Through Strategic Parameters considering Statistical Variations

Funded by MICINN - TEC2011-25017

Chaotic CMOS-MEMS for High Security Applications

Funded by MICINN - Explora Program TEC2009-07254-E/TEC


Impact of dynamic parasitic effects on CMOS nanometer technologies

Funded by MICINN TEC2008-04501

Parasitic Extraction and Optimization for Efficient Microelectronic System Design and Application

Funded by MEDEA+ (EU) - Profit (ES)

Nanometer CMOS ICs Statistical Analysis: Application to Design and Test

Funded by CICYT-TEC05-05712/MIC

Low Temperature CMOS IC Design

Funded by Intel Research Laboratories

Multipar Test Methods for Nanometer IC Technologies

Funded by CICYT - Project TIC02-01238

Autonomous System for Indoor Secure Transit

Funded by IMSERSO (98/06)