Electronic Systems Group

Electronic System Design

We design applications ranging from microprocessor/ microcontroller based electronic systems to Programmable-Logic (FPGA), including embedded application and/or microelectronic design. Our expertise includes microelectronic IC design (analog and digital), FPGA development, circuit board design, embedded system integration. We use the most advanced industrial software CAD tools for each requirement.

System Characterization and Debug

Our Laboratory is equipped with top-level instrumentation including high end digital and DPO scopes, logic analyzers, climate chamber for temperature and humidity control, fully automated SMD PCB fabrication line, semiautomatic IC bonding facility, plastic and ceramic decapsulation system, active and passive direct wafer probing, IC laser cutting and ionizing radiation through-laser emulation system. All our equipment is automated through the standard GPIB instrumentation bus compatible with Matlab and Labview programming standards.

R&D Transfer and Training

We offer our research expertise in the design and reliability of integrated electronic and MEMS Systems, including radiation hardened design and CAD solutions to the industry needs. We provide specialized training fitted to specific requirements related to any aspects of electronic system design and integration.